About Librum

Librum is our flexible, economical shelving system – another effective design solution for the modern library.


  • Build the shelving combinations that are right for you from a range of four standard unit sizes.
  • Connect these units however best fits your space; for example, you can connect single to double-sided units.
  • If your needs change, you can easily reconfigure the units.
  • Select your materials, finish, and any decorative panels and colour from a range of options, including powder-coated steel, melamine and perspex end panels, and a framed system of coloured MDF.


  • The structure includes single or double-sided end panels in steel or melamine.
  • Shelf planes are made from 1.25 mm thick steel which is then powder coated.
  • Steel adjustor feet stabilise the shelves.
  • All shelf planes have a book stopper at the back.


  • Our systems are easy to assemble with a minimum of tools.
  • You can adjust the height of individual shelves in 32 mm steps.
  • You can lay shelves flat or sloping, allowing you to display material in different ways.
  • If you wish to create a mobile unit, you can add a castor frame.


  • We know that the average lifespan for library shelves is 20–30 years and you need a system that’s built to last.
  • We use strong, solid materials that are environmentally sustainable.
  • All our units come with a five-year warranty on non-moveable parts.


  • You can choose your complete system from the start or begin with a basic, cost-effective steel frame and add decorative panels later.
  • Our new developments are designed so that you can incorporate them into existing systems.
  • Although designed with libraries in mind, Librum works equally well in offices or in the home.
  • We can offer customised measurements for some projects; please contact us to discuss what you need.


As well as shelving units, the Librum system includes a full range of accessories:

  • media display units
  • lighting fixtures
  • bookends
  • multi-purpose boxes.