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Littbus Wood

All the wood used by Lustrum is from sustainable forests and is stripbonded birch which is supplied 25 mm thick. The wood is supplied in solid form, rather than laminate, providing the longevity which is essential for libraries that normally have an average life expectancy of 20-30 years.

Littbus Steel

Littbus with open ends of steel is an economical base system, which still retains all the flexible features. The system can easily be retrofit with decorative panels, for example, glass, perforated metal, wood or sound absorber. The 25 mm thick steel frame can be powder coated zinc grey, white RAL 9010 or RAL 9007 grey as standard.

Littbus Steel/Glass/Perspex

Littbus end panels are provided using frosted tempered glass as standard. The glass provides a light and airy feel to a library and when placed in a building, which has many different textures and colours, it can help the shelving to remain neutral. It allows light to flow through the shelving system. Glass thickness is 6 mm and is fixed to the frame with a specially designed bracket which also provides protection for the glass. The glass can be provided in different colours. The system can also function without the decoration panels.

Littbus Steel/Perforated

Lustrum can provide end panels for the Littbus system in perforated sheet steel which provides light and texture throughout the shelving. The perforations are 30 x 30mm square. Perforated panels and the frames are powder coated zinc grey as standard.

The system can also function without the end panels, which can be an economically advantageous option.

Littbus Steel/Framed

This system is unique, using the gable and top panels to form a continuous visible frame to the main shelving system. The sheet steel can be powder coated in a wide range of RAL colours, which allows flexibility for colour options and for colour zoning within the library, to facilitate the differentiation of various areas. The system can also be provided in a curved format.