Littbus CD/DVD Box

Littbus CD/DVD Box

Description: A box for storage and front displaying CD, DVD and audio books. Includes 3 or 4 adjustable partitions and rubber mat. Available with pull out function.

Material: The box is made of sheet steel metal. Powder coated in grey RAL 9007 and white RAL 9010 as standard. Other RAL colours are available on request.

Height: c/c 64 mm
Depth: c/c 252/336 mm
Width: c/c 725/900 mm

depth: 252mm – approx. 84 – 105 CD’s
depth: 336mm – approx. 120 – 150 CD’s TO3617 (c/c 290/725 mm) TO3618 (c/c 290/900 mm) TO3610 (c/c 374/725 mm) TO3611 (c/c 374/900 mm)

Accessories TO1520 (lable sign)

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